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We are excited to return this year with Long Beach Gives on September 23, 2021. Long Beach Gives helps people find, learn about and contribute to the causes they believe in while enabling nonprofits to share their stories and engage the community through a unique online giving platform. Organizations participating in Long Beach Gives have the opportunity to be part of a citywide marketing campaign that puts a spotlight on the community’s nonprofits that positively impact and enhance where we live, work and play!

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Due to COVID-19 and the unprecedented impact it is having on the nonprofit sector, we understand that your application responses are based on current information. As the year progresses, please contact us with any relevant new developments.

A few things to consider before beginning your application:

  • All nonprofits are asked to attend one of two information sessions before applying, even if your organization participated in the past. This webinar will provide an overview of Long Beach Gives and provide an opportunity to ask questions about this year’s campaign, the participant requirements, and the application.
  • We recommend you review the participation requirements below and refer to the FAQs if you have any questions, however feel free to contact us as well.
  • Please note that you will not be able to edit this application or save an “in-progress’ version, so please be prepared to submit once you begin the process. Feel free to download a PDF of the 2021 application to help you prepare and plan for submitting the application online. 

If you are unsure about your organizations eligibility or have questions about your application, please message us in the chat box in the lower right hand corner of the page. You can also contact us at

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