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4GIRLS Organization focuses on building middle school girls' confidence. When girls are empowered to believe in themselves, they make better choices and achieve greater academic and personal growth leading to healthier individuals, families, and communities.

The marquee event is a dynamic two-day workshop for middle school girls from throughout Long Beach. In addition, the junior mentors program involves high school girls, who build their leadership skills supporting girls in the program. Empowerment Events provide year-round experiences. 4GIRLS is also launching programs to connect virtually to build strong connections and make a difference in their lives, their families, and in their community.

100% volunteer led, all programs are free, subsidized through fundraising. Since its inception twelve years ago, 4GIRLS has reached over 800 girls. We know from participants the program is empowering girls to identify themselves as authentic, confident and resilient, preparing them for real-life success. Feedback from parents, guardians, and teachers confirms the program's positive impact.

Each workshop closes with the attendees sharing one word significant to them. One girl responded: "Me- because I am what I choose - to be negative or positive, to have confidence, to be who I want to be, to make the right decisions." These words capture the benefit of this program to the Long Beach community.


4GIRLS 2022 Workshop Participants Testimonials:

"I learned tips to Love myself, get ready for high school, be outgoing, and take risks" - 7th grader

"I really liked it and it really changed me." - 6th grader

"The workshop taught me all the good things about myself." - 6th grader

"After this experience I feel empowered to reach out of my comfort zone." - 6th grader

"It's okay to ask for help from other people and stand up for yourself." - 8th grader

" I learned… to be confident and I'm worth it." - 6th grader

"I can do anything without being scared and afraid of failure." - 8th grader

"I love my body and now think of myself with positive words." - 7th grader

"I feel more accepting of myself." - 6th grader

"I learned how to believe in myself… I feel better." - 6th grader

"...loved Junior Mentor, Mia - super sweet and helpful… learned more about loving myself ."
- 7th grader

"...to make our hula hoop bigger… I feel really good about myself now." - 7th grader

"I feel way better about myself and what I can do." - 6th grader

"This was the best decision I made today…" - 7th grader

4GIRLS Past Jr Mentors and Adult Mentors Testimonials:

"One thing I learned from 4GIRLS is to be resilient no matter what. I have been a part of this organization for nearly four years already and have always chosen this word. 4GIRLS taught me that women are very powerful and that they should not be put down no matter the circumstance. It has shown me how to become confident, courageous, outgoing, caring, and friendly. Each year, I get excited to mentor new girls so that I may be able to help them with whatever they may be dealing with." High School Jr. Mentor

"I have learned how powerful a girl is in a working society. I have learned that I have everything that I need to fulfill my dreams. 4GIRLS has shown me how to inspire myself and others by having a positive attitude and working hard. Therefore, I feel that I am prepared for what life has in store for me as long as I believe that I can do anything." High School Jr. Mentor

"Working with the strong female leadership in 4GIRLS, made me realize there are no special requirements to be a leader. If you have an idea, you just need to take the steps to make it happen. You have the power to do it. Using your power to take action is what makes you a leader." Adult Mentor


4GIRLS inspires and empowers middle school girls to identify themselves as authentic, confident, and resilient, preparing them for real-life success.

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