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Monica Fleming and Vinny Picardi were local artists that felt that the old, elitist model of the art gallery did not serve disenfranchised artists and the community as a whole. So, instead of just complaining, they did something about it. Since 2016, Loiter Galleries dismantled the gallery business model and replaced it with a pop up, artist collaborative specifically designed to support underserved artists and revitalize vacant storefronts with creative solutions for the entire community.


Due to the Pandemic and recent global events that have affected the economy, Long Beach along with other cities, have experienced an increase in business vacancies. In addition, the artist community has been hit especially hard during these unprecedented challenging times. The initiative proposed by then Vice Mayor Richardson and others seeks creative solutions to "increase tenancy and enhance vibrancy in the Downtown community."


Loiter Galleries' "boots on the ground" mission directly serves the various needs of underserved artists and the business district adversely affected during and after the pandemic.

For the artists, Loiter Galleries supply affordable gallery showcases, marketing, supplies, meeting space, art business advice, and emotional support.

We aid local property owners by converting dark, empty spaces with art and positive activity. Artists finally have a venue to display their art and receive the support they need to learn how to be successful. The property owners sell or lease their spaces more quickly via the brightness, activity, and popularity of our projects.

Finally, another core audience are art lovers and supporters. We serve this group by presenting them with artists we discover and who are out of the mainstream. Although some of our artists are established, the shows these up and coming artists create tend to be more adventurous and push the boundaries. This occurs through our direction and collaboration.

There's great pride in our mission as many of our visitors have never been in a gallery previously nor had a true appreciation of the benefits of the artist community.

In effect the old, elitist model of the art gallery has officially been dismantled by Loiter Galleries and the new community minded gallery has been born.


The Loiter Galleries will earmark several vacant storefronts here in Long Beach for conversion. Our proposal includes:

• Supporting disenfranchised local artists in myriad ways. This support includes providing affordable gallery space, marketing and creating engagement for their work and hosting their exhibit.

• Secondly, these spaces will also be able to house local artist' workshops and residencies. We will work with successful organization partners to provide art education for students, those who have experienced hardships and homelessness and veterans and other civic minded projects that serve the Long Beach community.

• Creating presentation window art exhibits that will display local art to the public. This art will be easily viewed from the street.

• Services include: Clean up and preparation of the vacant space, space management, art curation, insurance for the spaces and staff employment.

Your donation will go directly to expanding the Loiter Galleries mission that far exceeds the offerings of traditional galleries.


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"Loiter gallery's program in Long Beach is a prime example of community engagement by providing the local artists with a platform to exhibit their work. Located in an old shoe store, the unsuspecting transients are treated with visual stimuli. The current exhibition "Coming Into Focus" is a collaboration with Durden and Ray an LA artists collaborative furthers exemplifies their interest in fostering the sense of community for artists in Southern California! Thank you Vinny and Monica!"

- Carlos Beltran Arechiga

"This is a wonderful art space run by two very friendly and supportive people. They are a non-profit supporting artists in the Long Beach area. My neon work is currently showing in the windows and can be easily viewed from the sidewalk. Something fun to do near the promenade."

-Linda Sue Price

'Loiter Galleries has a keen eye for artists with unique styles, appreciation for community and the rejuvenation of public spaces. Co-founders Monica and Vinny are dedicated to art+community and have generated an undeniable momentum in downtown Long Beach. Highly recommend this groundbreaking art gallery!"

-Laura Letchinger

"We hosted our Graphic Design BFA graduating show at Loiter Galleries and it was an exceptional experience...


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Loiter Galleries is a non-profit pop up collaborative that supports underserved local artists while beautifying dark, empty storefronts with vibrant, local art, and community exhibits.

So please, join our mission, set an example and become an advocate in placing the arts back into its rightful place in our community.

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