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Shared Science's Targeted STEM ed Support Program in Long Beach connects students in need with fun and engaging learning experiences. Education is at the root of a thriving body and future. The ideas our kids generate will impact the world we live in. Looking ahead, Shared Science believes our world needs as many fresh ideas, from as many different and creative minds as possible. Teaching STEM ed is not just teaching the individual topics of science, tech, engineering and math. Instead their integration deepens understanding of concepts, promotes problem-solving, and shows how ideas are and can be applied in the real world. Without early STEM ed, many children are set on a difficult trajectory of catch-up with their peers, especially those who are in underserved populations. Fostering positive attitudes toward STEM fields early on is critical given that even first graders can experience math anxiety and hold stereotypes like, "coding is just for boys" or "just for nerds". This can impact self-value and a student's motivation to pursue a STEM pathway. And given that those who use tech in the workplace earn 14-27% more than those who do not, and that salaries for non-STEM jobs sits at roughly half of those that are STEM-related, future quality of life and health can be directly correlated to the choices and equitable opportunities provided to our youth.

PROGRAMS WE OFFER: EARLY ENGINEERING students (K-5) build and test LEGO simple machine models, focusing on how work is accomplished. CREATIVE COMPUTING students (2-8) learn computer programming concepts while building simple games and animations. MAKE-It FUN! students (1-5) learn basic circuitry design, maker tinkering, and how to add their own creative flair to their builds. EARLY ROBOTICS students (2-5) use the LEGO WeDo and Ozobot platforms and an iPad interface to learn drag and drop coding. RAD-ROBOTICS students (4-8) use the LEGO NXT and EV3 Mindstorms and VEX robotics platforms. ELEMENTARY ROBOTICS PROGRAM site students (4-5) learn/prep alongside their teachers to compete in an annual robotics showcase event. FIRST LEGO LEAGUE JUNIOR TEAM members (1-3) participate in an annual robotics showcase event. FIRST LEGO LEAGUE TEAM members (4-8) compete in an annual regional robotics competition. FIRST ROBOTICS COMPETITION TEAM members (9-12) build a human-sized robot to compete in an annual regional robotics competition.


Our creativity and quality engagement remains strong. Tech Girls Week: 'Fiona LOVED that! Are there other sessions?' Spring 2023: 'We are thrilled to have Shared Science on campus at Burcham. Your instructors are not only knowledgeable and professional, but they're getting the kids pumped up for STEM and this is fantastic!'


Our mission is to build on children's science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning experiences through constructive, creative, and playful programs, while fostering learning communities.

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