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CityHeART serves Veterans, seniors, and families with children navigating housing and/or mental health challenges in Long Beach by providing supplemental case management and care coordination to clients of housing and mental health agencies. Through a collaborative model that includes peer support, resource connection, and supplemental therapeutic programming, CityHeART helps individuals and families navigate their housing journey with kindness, dignity, respect, and love.

Veterans, seniors, and families are referred to the CityHeART Resource Hub by their case managers for one or more of a wide range of basic and/or high level supplementary support services. The Resource Hub supports an average of 20 individuals every day, Monday-Friday.

The supportive environment at the Resource Hub, located in West Long Beach, is designed to provide a network of support made up of peers, volunteers, clinicians, artists, and friends who become like family for guests at the Hub while they transition into stable housing, navigate mental health, and for whatever comes next.

In addition to the resource navigation, supplemental case management, and care coordination work, CityHeART hosts a variety of therapeutic, storytelling events across the community and runs a community-based art magazine that raises awareness of community needs and provides meaningful education and compelling narratives about lived experiences and local resources.


"It supports the lives of children and youth who should never be defined as anything but inspiring brilliant artists. CityHeART is a rare and precious asset to Long Beach. Everyone with this nonprofit is passionate and engaged in their direct services and real-time programs … It really is the Heart of the city."

-Judy Seal, Long Beach Education Foundation

"CityHeART has helped many and continues to support our community."

-Taylor Denisea, Long Beach


wholeheARTedly loving our city and telling its stories since 2015

We serve Veterans, seniors, and families navigating housing and/or mental health challenges in Long Beach, and we offer a range of platforms for the sharing of true stories and personal lived experiences to promote healing, empowerment, and awareness of community needs.

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