LB Community Compost

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$3,843 raised by 46 donors

LB Community Compost has been a community run organization since 2020.

2022:  In 312 community hours, we upcycled ~ 50,300 pounds of food scraps back into local soil.

2023: In 275 community hours so far, we upcycled ~44,000 pounds of foods scraps back into local soil.Field Trips/Education:Over the past few years, we have hosted a variety of organizations, including the City of Long Beach's Composter Recycler Ambassador Program, Schools, other local nonprofits, and Girl Scouts.Finished Compost:For residents, we have provided free finished compost. Here are some examples of how our compost is used: by gardeners for their own gardens, by teachers for gardens at schools, by nonprofit leaders for collaborative gardensPartnerships:Keeping these impactful partnerships has been instrumental in raising awareness of the benefits of community composting. At the DTLB Farmers Market, we collect residents' scraps every Friday. 2) Every day, residents can sample our compost at The Golden Garden on 4th St. 3) The Office of LB Sustainability provides us with a central space for compost processing.

By getting funding, we can hire locally and keep community composting alive here in Long Beach. Support us with some cash if you'd like that too.


I love composting with LB Community Compost because I get to be with my daughter and my neighbor. We just get to save our scraps and we just know that its turning into good soil that we can then use to grow other vegetables - Liza

I compost with LB Community Compost because I have so much food waste and I just feel really bad about dumping it out , so at least here I know it is going somewhere and turning into value for others in Long Beach - Jhen

I used to study horticulture so I like the idea that stuff is meant to go back to the ground if it's not going back to our bodies. I love the community that is associated with it a lot and it just feels less wasteful. We're supposed to be doing this this, this feels like the right thing to do - Abby

I compost with LB Community Compost because it's better for the environment and I like the fact that because I'm more environmentally-friendly that I am at least setting an example for the people in my life. I know the difference I make may be small but I think that if everybody does it, we can just do better in general - Angela

I compost with LB Community Compost because I want to minimize the amount of waste that I create in this world since it's easy - Pam

I compost because I think that it is the best way to complete the circle for what we do with our food -David

We both got started coming to drop off our scraps together. Silvia told me about it and I started coming to LB Community Compost because of her. In the future, it'd be nice to have bins to do our compost ourselves at home and overall just more education around composting. Also, having more drop-off spots in Long Beach at local community gardens and other spaces would be nice to make it more accessible - Lisa and Silvia


Healthy soil is key to developing a healthier Long Beach. Our goal is to improve the quality of life in the city by converting residents' organic waste back into soil. To achieve this, our organization promotes and accepts weekly drop-offs, gives away finished compost, and educates community about the benefits of composting every week and at local events.

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LB Community Compost

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Long Beach Community Compost

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Education, Environment

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