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As a supporter of Long Beach Gives, your organization shows its commitment to causes that are relevant and meaningful to your customers, staff, and clients, while helping to strengthen the nonprofit community. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss how you can make a difference in the city we all love.

Together We Can...

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Long Beach Gives is a collective, citywide, online giving effort to raise funds for Long Beach nonprofits and the mission critical services they provide our communities. The 3rd annual crowdfunding campaign takes place on Friday, September 23rd with a goal to raise $2 million for 200+ nonprofits that represent 16 causes making an impact in Long Beach.

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Long Beach Gives offers your company several ways to engage with donors, businesses, and participating nonprofits. In addition to our recommended tiered opportunities, this year we are offering customized benefits that include one or more of the following:

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Keep Giving Back

Rally your entire company to be part of this annual, citywide movement. From encouraging your employees to set up a peer fundraiser profile for their favorite nonprofit to just sharing the fundraising effort. You can support giving by hosting friendly competitions between departments and reporting out results throughout the workday. We can help you by providing logos, sample language, and ideas for getting your employees engaged! 

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Donors are more likely to give and they give more when a matching gift is available. Whether your company wants to provide a match for one (or several) nonprofits or you would like to provide a match for 200+ nonprofits.

Long Beach Gives believes that when we all come together, anything is possible. Peer fundraisers raise funds on behalf of the causes they care about, which is a wonderful way for businesses to bring their employees together for a positive giving event.

With over a quarter of all online donations deriving from peer fundraisers, this type of fundraising is more important than ever. It only takes a few simple steps to create a personal fundraising profile on the Long Beach Gives website. This profile can be shared with their network of friends and family and can include information about your company’s support for their fundraising effort. Peer fundraising is fun and fulfilling, and anyone can be a successful fundraiser, including kids.

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There are many participating nonprofits looking for volunteers to help provide client services, offer professional skill support, or assist with upcoming events.

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As a nonprofit participant of Long Beach Gives, we have grown our marketing and fundraising skills, our community ties, our confidence, and our platform…all during a pandemic. It has been a priceless opportunity.

Holland Brown, Ground Education Tweet

Long Beach Gives is an opportunity for people to see all the GREAT work being conducted by so many different nonprofits in the city. It gives people a chance to get more connected and know they're making valuable contributions to our community.

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