Nonprofit Terms of Participation

As a participating nonprofit in Long Beach Gives, I certify that the organization I represent:

has authorized me to steward their interests during this campaign;

is currently classified by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or has a written agreement with a fiscal sponsor that meets those qualifications;

understands and agrees that participation does not constitute an endorsement of the organization or mission;

will utilize proceeds from the campaign for fully tax deductible purposes per the Internal Revenue Service and that donors to the organizations may not purchase memberships, tickets, raffle tickets or any other item that could be viewed as a benefit for their contribution;

understands that all donations received via will be assessed a fee of 6%. This amount includes credit card, transaction, platform, and campaign support. Donors will have the option of covering these fees during the checkout process, increasing their donation by 6%;

understands that Challenge Funds are not raised by the hosts of Long Beach Gives and that all participating organizations must raise their own dedicated funds;

accepts full responsibility and liability for any Long Beach Gives event we arrange, either in-person or virtual and releases the hosts of Long Beach Gives from any and all liability;

understands and consents to Long Beach Gives having access to donor information for those who donate via  Donor information will never be sold to a third party;

understands that neither the Long Beach Gives nor the staff of our technical provider (Neon One, LLC) shall have access to sensitive Payment Card Information (PCI). Neon One utilizes a technical framework that allows donations to process outside of the platform in a manner that ensures that no sensitive PCI is actually stored on the system. As a result no credit card numbers, security codes, or expiration dates associated with a donation are ever stored or accessible on the Neon One platform;  

will never store sensitive payment information but reserves the right to securely store contact information for future use within a reasonable capacity, such as to communicate with donors for the purposes of user surveys, newsletters, philanthropic education, and information;

and agrees to abide by all terms and conditions or it may result in the organization being denied access as a participating nonprofit and/or being denied login permission to the Neon One platform.

Please contact if you have any questions.



LAST UPDATED: 02/24/2021

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